Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Air Show

Bob was excited to go to the Miramar Air Show.  He talked about it for a while beforehand so the kids were pretty excited to go as well.
I really wanted to be supportive but I was honestly worried about the heat. It was almost 100 degrees out with virtually no shade because everything was set up on an airport.  People set up chairs under the wings of the planes to watch.  I think we got there just before noon and left just after three.
We mostly walked around and looked at planes and then stopped every minute or so to look up in the sky and see what was flying.
They had some cool planes.  The kids wanted to sit in any that they could.
After about an hour I ran out of water and was really feeling the heat.  They had one building with booths set up so I took Scarlett and went in there.  It was still very hot but it was shady.   Meanwhile Bob competed in a push up competition where he got second.  The kids said that there was about 30 guys to start and that Dad did really good.  They said I should count him as winning because the other guy didn't have as good form (I wonder where they learned that?).  Then they headed over and walked around in the building with me.  Bob was getting antsy inside because he couldn't see what was flying up above.

The kids went in a bounce house and made little airplane crafts.  We also found some random candy at peoples booths.

After eating a granola bar and hanging out in there for about an hour I felt ok to go out again.

This plane can take off without a runway.  It was neat.
We had about a half mile walk back to the car and we went the wrong way a few times so it took a while.  Once we got in the car we drove straight to McDonalds and sat in the AC and ate ice cream cones.  

I had an OK, time.  I think everyone else enjoyed it more than me.  I honestly think if it was twenty degrees cooler we would have all enjoyed it much more.  Bob should have wrote this post because I really know nothing about the planes and he would have made everything sound much more amazing.


Gayle Daly said...

I feel your heat pain. Heat can really suck the fun out of an outing. I think men are wired to handle it better than women.

Bob said...

The first words out of Tuckers mouth after the push-up competition was: "dad... Why didn't you win?". I think I totally let me 9-year old down. And yes, all my kids know what a push-up is supposed to look like. When we were in the building at the bounce house the F-35's started flying around. So yes, I was getting antsy.