Friday, December 9, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner and Shopping

We ended up buying our turkey the night before and trying to quickly defrost it before the big meal.  I think it ended up taking 2 hours longer to cook than we anticipated so everyone was hungry and more than ready to eat when the turkey finished.

The food turned out great and we kept eating the left overs for lunch and dinner all Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We had some left on Monday but by then we were all tired of it.  Bob made there rest of the turkey into a soup and we threw everything else away.  The kids all loved the cranberry sauce and I was surprised that no one really liked the stuffing.  I made a frog eye salad that my grandma used to make.  People liked it but it made a huge batch that we didn't even come close to finishing.
That night we went to walmart just to grab a couple things on sale.  We were back home within an hour.  I told the girls that if we had a big house than we could get this bear.
Friday morning we went shopping to a few different stores.  We didn't leave until around 8:30 and didn't have anything really important to get.  We just like the fun of Black Friday shopping.  I was most excited about all the clothes we bought for our baby girl.  We didn't save any of the girls clothes so we pretty much need to start over.  It is fun!

Even though the kids had to go back to school on Monday Bob didn't end up going back to work until Wednesday.  He has so much time home I don't think he knew what to do with himself.

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Mary-Anne said...

I didn't know you gave all your girl clothes away! It looks like you guys bought a lot, but if you need some more, I have a bunch of Hannah's old clothes I could give you when we see you next summer!