Friday, February 3, 2017

Marble Shoot

Tucker's cub scout group did a marble shoot last week.  We were out of town for it last year so it was his first one.   They boys were all excited and it was pretty fun.  Tucker had a hard time shooting the marble hard enough to push the other marbles out of the circle.  He didn't win any games but he did get better as the night went on and he was a good sport about losing.
Maybe we will practice a little bit before next year.  I like the game, it is kind of a classic calm game.  They talked about how it is a really old game.  Maybe I can get my kids interested in playing it with each other at home.  I don't ever remember playing it growing up, I wasn't even sure on how to play until the marble shoot.  I'm  not sure if we have the right kind of floors in our house to play it though.  We have either wood floors where the marbles would roll like crazy or more of a short shag carpet where I think it might be hard to get them to roll at all.  I'll have to try it and see.
Here you can see Scarlett getting hers lined up just right.

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