Friday, March 31, 2017

Baby Shower

We have quite a few pregnant people in our ward at church right now.  I think there was sixth (one had her baby).  Three of us were due pretty close to the same time and are all having our fifth babies so friends threw us a baby shower.  It was so nice of them!
Aren't these the cutest cookies?  Tishela makes the prettiest cookies, they always look flawless.

We played some fun games.  My favorite one was with the baby pictures.  The moms-to-be each sent in a baby picture of themselves, one of their previous babies, and their spouses.  Then the host added in some extras to make it harder and everyone had to guess which picture belonged to which person.  Can you guess mine?  I'll post the answer at the end of this.

We played another game where I had to guess the baby food flavors without looking.  I think I got about half right... maybe a little less than that.  It was tough.
 I took a picture of my stash after the shower Since we all already have four kids we asked for freezer meals or diapers instead of gifts.  I am so excited to have all those diapers!  Plus our freezer is stuffed full of meals, it is going to be great not to have to come up with dinner for a little while after the baby is born.  The baby also got a couple outfits, burp clothes, and a blanket.  I wish I took a better picture of it, but we even got a custom painting!  I love it and can't wait to put it up!
I am so grateful to the friends that threw the shower for me and for everyone who came.  I have so much support in my life I feel truly blessed.

Baby picture answers:
 1-Me  7-Tucker 11-Bob


Anna said...

I GUESSED RIGHT!!! i was going to say 1, 7, 11... but it helps that i have seen 11 before... lol

Talitha said...

those cookies are sooo cute! Is that the same girl that made the cute valentines ones and sells them?