Friday, March 10, 2017

The Filipino People

While in the Philippines my parents took us to meet some of the members in their homes.  Everyone was extremely nice and happy.  It was great!

These next two arn't actually members of their ward but just a houses we saw while driving.

 The ward seemed sad to have my parents leave.  They had a ward activity farewell for them.  They sang songs to them and performed dances.  They even took turns thanking them in the microphone, then we all ate.
 Oh, and we took tons of pictures!  Everyone wanted pictures on their phones, so we spent a good amount of time taking selfies.  It was fun.  here is the ward after sacrament on Sunday.
 I also took a few pictures of a typical street.  The first one shows a Jeepney.  It is basically their form of a bus.
 The next picture shows a tric, I would think of this more like a taxi.
 Their driving was pretty different from what I'm used to.  The lines seem to be more to give everyone a general idea of lanes than something that they should actually stay inside.  They also don't have very many lights or stop signs.  Everywhere you just sort of merge in.  If you leave any sort of gap in front of you a car will squeeze in and you are expected to stop and wait for them.  When you are the one pulling into traffic it's almost like closing your eyes and crossing your fingers hoping they will stop for you.  If you wait for an opening you will never get a chance to go.  Drivers are expected to honk about every 10 seconds, whenever you pass someone or want them to get out of your way.  Riding in the car was a little stressful for me.  I'm not sure Bob could have handled it at all, he has a hard time letting anyone drive but himself.

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