Friday, April 21, 2017

Dentist Day

I finally got around to taking all the kids to the dentist again.  This actually was Leon's first time, I probably should have taken him before he was four.  In fact I think the pediatrician wants me to take them when they turn one, but it just seems like such a waste of time and money if they aren't having any dental issues.  I'm sure there are reasons to take them early, I just don't know about them.

Anyway, all the kids went back at the same time and I got to hang out in the waiting room all by myself!  It was awesome!  I took some pictures through this little window, filled out paperwork and played on my phone, before I knew it they started coming back out.

Once they were all done we went into the office and talked to the dentist.  He pulled up the x-rays of each child's mouth and talked about their teeth.  This part was pretty stressfully because the kids were being crazy in the room with their little toys and two of them were fighting about who got to stand by me.  I was trying to quiet them and listen to the dentist at the same time, it was a little frustrating, but we made it though.

None of the kids have cavities!!!!  I was excited about that because our insurance wouldn't cover it if they did.  He also said that some of the kids might need braces, but for now we should just keep and eye on them and see what happens.   I don't want to get braces on my kids anyway so I was happy about that too.

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