Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Fun

I felt pretty preoccupied with baby stuff this Easter.  It was hard for me to focus on Easter or plan things to do when I wasn't sure if I would have the baby or not.  I honestly just wanted to not be pregnant anymore.  But Easter has came and went with no baby...

Saturday I took the kids to a public egg hunt.  It wasn't our favorite one but we went to a park we've never been to before and the kids liked it.  They split the kids up into different age groups and the way they split it Scarlett got to go twice.  They had 2 and under, 3 to 5, then they went into grades with Kindergarten to first, second to third and fourth to fifth.  Scarlett being both 5 and in kindergarten she fit into both groups.  I wasn't really going to let her go twice, but she was pretty slow the first round and didn't get very much so we let her go again.  Tucker still got way more than she did so I don't feel bad.

I didn't get nearly enough pictures but like I said, I wasn't caring as much about Easter festivities as I usually do.  We squeezed in just enough time to decorate eggs.
We also made some Easter treats and read lots of Easter stories in the friend.  One story had a recipe for Easter rolls that ended up hallow in the middle to represent the empty tomb.  The kids really wanted to make those and so we did.  They were a little harder to make than we expected but in the end they did work.  We ate them for breakfast Easter morning.

During church the girls wore cute Easter hats and the choir and primary sang.  Bob, Tucker, and Penelope are all in the choir but Bob ended up being the only one to sing in front of sacrament meeting.  Penelope just likes to go to the choir practices not their performances and Tucker was being grumpy that morning.  Both songs sounded really good.

At home after church we had a small egg hunt.  The one at the park was more like a race.  At home we did a hunt where we really hid the eggs.  Each child had a different egg color to look for so they all got the same amount.  Days before Easter the kids kept asking to have them hidden hard.  I guess I hid them a little too hard because Tucker still can't find all of his.  I'm not telling him either.  It is kind of nice having him busy looking for his egg.

I went for a walk this morning and saw my neighbors pretty tree.  I love spring.

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