Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Leon's Birthday

Leon was so excited for his birthday this year!  For weeks he was asking how much longer for his birthday.  He also was telling me all the things he wanted to do.  Most of them very very easy and things we did for kids on past birthdays.  He was very specific about how we were to decorate his door when he woke up.  He wanted the door completely blocked so he had to punch through it (we covered it in wrapping paper).  He also wanted to get a special birthday chair to sit in at the table.  For that all I do is put a blanket over the chair and the kids love it.  We also blew up balloons and put up a few streamers.  Four-year-olds are easy to please.

We had waffles for breakfast at his request.
It was Sunday so we pretty much just got ready for church and did our regular thing.
That afternoon Leon opened presents.  He really wanted a bow and arrow, but other than that we didn't get many ideas out of him.   So we did get a bow and arrow and he loved it.  I took the kids to the store and they each picked out something small for him.
The guitar was also a huge hit.
That night we sang and did cake and ice cream.  I was surprised that he choose the pink cake mix, but it was what he wanted.
Happy Birthday Leon!  I was about to take nice birthday pictures for him but he got a big mark on his nose so that is going to have to wait a couple weeks.

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