Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Baby Baluga

Penelope and Scarlett had their end of year music performance called "Baby Baluga".  Normally I don't like how they combine kindergarten and first grade for performances because there are too many kids and too many parents to see.  This year it worked out in our favor because things are busy with a newborn and it was nice to just go to  one performance.
They did great!  Both girls were excited and seemed to really enjoy it.  Tucker had done the same exact songs a few years ago so the night before all three of them were singing the songs together around the house.  It was cute.
Both girls got to be in the front so I could see them.  Penelope just had the music stand in front of her most of the time, it didn't block her face though.
I had a relief society activity that night so Calista, Leon and I went to the day performance and Bob and the kids went to the night one.  Leon got a little difficult toward the end.  I think he was having a hard time paying attention, but it wasn't too bad.  Calista slept the whole time.

This video is of the song that has been stuck in everyone's head since the performance.  Scarlett thinks it is funny. 

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