Friday, May 19, 2017

Sleeping Baby

Calista is officially three weeks old and she slept last night!  It was so great!!!!!  Normally when we try to put her in her bed she will cry.  Then we try to calm her with her pacifier or put an arm on her and be really close so she thinks we are holding her.  Sometimes that will work for a little bit until she realizes what is going on and starts kicking and crying.  Then we try again or someone ends up holding her until it is time to feed her, and then we start the process over and continue all night long.  But last night after I fed her I laid her down in her bed and she slept!  Not only did she sleep but she slept for four hours.  I kept waking up because my body is used to feeding her at least every two hours, but every time I looked at her she was still sleeping.  After four hours I fed her and she went into her bed again!  She was in her own bed almost the entire night.  I feel like I have so much energy, which is funny because anyone without a newborn who has to get up three times in the middle of the night would probably not consider it a good nights sleep.  I feel well rested.

Hopefully this isn't a fluke and she really does start sleeping in her own bed!

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Lily Seymour said...

She is so adorable.... hope you are feeling well!