Thursday, June 29, 2017

Calista's 2 Months

Calista is now two months old!  
She likes: 
Being held while bouncing and walking around
Her woombie (swaddler)
Milk of course
and when we carry her in any baby carrier

She doesn't like:
Sleeping through the night
and anytime we put her down
I'm kind of obsessed with this face.

Things are continuing to get easier.  I think we made it past the uncontrollable crying faze.  There were a couple weeks where every night for about an hour she would scream and it was super hard for us to calm her down and make her happy.  Now she seems to be ok if we stand up and walk around while holding her.  Bob and I take turns doing this every night while we watch something on Netflix together.
There were a couple nights where she slept for four hour stretches and once almost even five.  But after a couple times she went back to the three hour stretches.  I think she decided that she wants to eat all the time even throughout the night.  I think I'm going to have to let her cry a bit in the middle of the night to get her out of the habit of eating every couple hours.  I just know it won't be fun and so we are waiting until she is a bit older hoping she will start sleeping better without that.

She has started sucking on her hand and even her thumb more.  It is really cute, and not very quiet.  It usually happens in the car and we will all the sudden her a lot of slobbery sucking noises then we know she is eating her hand again.  A couple times I did get her to use a pacifier, but usually she won't take it.  I feel like I'm really forcing it in her mouth and she keeps turning her head away.  Maybe next month.

I love it when she smiles!  It is sooooo cute.  Right now she doesn't smile all the time but she will a couple times a day.  It is the best.

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