Thursday, June 22, 2017

Father's Day

I am truly blessed to have lots of amazing fathers in my life.  First a great dad who was quiet and always willing to play with us growing up.  Then an amazing father-in-law who helped raise an awesome son.  And now the perfect husband who is the best dad to my children I could ever ask for.

We headed down to my parents house to celebrate the day before, giving us more time to spend with family and especially the kids cousins.  We even went on a short hike where I took this video of Bob and Calista:

One reason I think Bob is a great dad is because nothing is too hard for him.  There are lots of things that I'll back away from, like going grocery shopping with the kids, but Bob has no problem getting out there and doing what needs to be done.

Sunday morning we got up early to make my dad breakfast in bed.  It is something we used to do as kids and I thought it was fun to surprise him this year too.

Once we finished that I woke my kids up to make Bob breakfast in bed.  They love doing this!

Later after church we had a big lunch and just hung out at my parents for a while.  My sister made this delicious brownie cake.
We even had a chocolate fountain.
Below is a picture of my dad with Calista, his newest grandchild.  I think she is their 23rd or 24th.

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