Monday, June 26, 2017

Temple Trip

We had an amazing ward temple trip a few weeks ago.  Its the first one our ward has done since we've lived here and I thought it went really well.  First we got together for a group picture.
Then we kind of split up.  Bob and I went inside while other adults watched the kids.  They spent most of the time in the church building next door, but they also took the kids on a small tour around the temple grounds.  I'm so grateful for that because Calista needs to eat so often I can't leave her very long.
When Bob and I came back they had started in on lunch.  We all ate burgers and different lunch type foods in the gym in the church building.  Throughout the whole thing families were visiting the new discovery center.  Once we finished eating we went to check it out.

Right when we walked in everyone got their own tablets.  The kids were in heaven.
It was pretty cool how they have it set up.  You log into family search on your tablet, then walk around to the different stations.  You doc your tablet at a station and it pulls up all your info.

Some stations pull up your family history while others teach you about your name.  There were stations where you can record a video of yourself that you will get sent to you in like 10 years.  One of our kids favorites was a station where they took their picture and then dressed up their picture in pioneer type clothes.
They had a little hunt thing the kids were doing.  

They whole thing was pretty cool.
Once we finished their we took the kids back to the temple for more pictures.

After we finished there we went to the nearby park.
We also stopped at DQ.  The kids were pretty excited about that!  The whole day went really well, I hope our ward does it every year.

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