Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two Wheels!

Leon and Scarlett can now both ride two wheeler bikes without training wheels!  We taught Scarlett about a month ago and she was pretty resistant.  She liked using the training wheels but she was really getting too big for her bike and I thought she was old enough to take the plunge.  We made her learn without the training wheels.  She did get the hang of it pretty quickly but for a couple weeks after she knew how to ride the bike she still kept trying to ride her training wheels bike.  I think she just thought it was easier.

Leon on the other hand was a whole different story.  The kids called me into the backyard randomly the other day telling me that Leon could ride a bike.  I stepped out and sure enough Leon was riding a two wheeler around the yard.  Tucker was helping him get started and off he went.  I was pretty surprised and I told them to stop so Bob could "teach" him how to ride a bike.  A couple days later when we had time we went out for Bob to teach Leon how to ride.  Bob didn't know about the earlier rides so he was pretty surprised when Leon got it just fine after Bob holding the back for about a second.

Since that first day Leon has been wanting to ride every day.  Even on that very first day he learned to start all by himself, a skill which has been difficult for my other children.  And on the next day he showed me that he could stand up and ride.  I really think he is probably better than both the girls.  He really took to riding the bike!

Bob stayed home with Calista the other day and I went on a bike ride with the kids.  It was pretty cool just watching all of them ride.  Scarlett seemed to get tired really fast though, I think she needs a bigger bike.

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