Monday, August 28, 2017

Reunion Part 2

There was a lake at the place we camped and the kids loved it.  I usually prefer a pool, which they had, but everyone else was at the lake so we decided to go where the action was.  My brother brought this fun giant island floaty thing.
We finally got Calista to sleep and Bob and I took nice relaxing rides on the air mattresses my parents brought.  Leon pushed me around for a long time and then I got out and took this picture.
My brother told the kids a scary story about a swamp monster who was coming that night and going to steal a boy to be her husband.  They were pretty scared.  Leon even wanted to go home.

The three legged race was awesome.  The best part was Leon and Penelope's attitude.  They were laughing and having a blast even when they fell down and started crawling to make it to the end.
Bob and I were consistently second.  We will have to practice before the next reunion to beat Isaac and Kim.
The potatoe sack race was way to hard for me.  I gave it a couple practice jumps and then quit.  
Calista was an angle the whole time.  Siiiike (or maybe psych), she was up a lot every night and I just got tired of holding her constantly during the days.  Scarlett was busy playing and so she didn't hold her as much as she usually does and we had no where to set her down, not that she would go down anyway.  So bob and I took turns holding her the whole time.
We did a group hike near the camp ground.  It was hot, and had no shade.
One day we dressed up in Hawaiian clothing.

This reunion was perfect timing for us because we got to see everyone right before we move to Japan.

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Gayle Daly said...

You are such a good sport. I would never have agreed to go camping with a new little baby. Looks like you still made it a great time!