Friday, September 8, 2017

11th Anniversary

For our anniversary this year we went on a painting date.  We left all the kids even Calista with my parents and went to a paint studio.  We've never left Calista before so it was pretty exciting. I like to try to do something a little different for our anniversary besides just going out to eat.  It makes things seem extra special.

We went to this place where for 2 hours they give us directions and we tried to follow along the best we could to make the painting.  It was such a blast.

It was interesting to see how differently Bob and I paint.  And all the other people really.  We were all following the same directions yet they turned out different.  And I am kind of slow.  There were a couple times when Bob was finished between directions and I was frantically trying to catch up as she said the next thing.
Here are our "finished" products.  I felt really rushed and wasn't completely happy with exactly how mine turned out so I worked on it more at home.  Bob laughed at me.  But now I'm totally happy with it.
I chose these paintings because one day we want to go to Paris.  Maybe for our 20th anniversary.
I would looooove to do this again sometime.  I already like painting so this was really the perfect kind of date for me.
This next picture is one of our engagement pics.  We look so young!
Bob has been great these past 11 years!  I couldn't have asked for a better husband.

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Gayle Daly said...

Both of your paintings turned out amazing! You and Bob actually look more amazing now!!!