Thursday, September 28, 2017

First Day of School

We are pretty late getting started on school this year.  It took me a couple of weeks after we got to Japan to get mentally and physically ready.
This will be my first time homeschooling more than one child.  I hope it goes well but I know it will be difficult.  Right now we are staying in the Navy Lodge hotel so I think that will make things even harder until we are able to get a house.

We went right outside our room to take pictures.  The kids are all in their new school clothes we bought in the mall here in Japan.

The first day was a little rough.  Tucker did pretty well because he's done it before, he knew what to expect and how to act.  Penelope only had one meltdown, but she also listened and did her work.  Scarlett pretty much refused to do anything and the whole day was like one long tantrum.  Leon even participated some of the time and built a fort on his own the rest of the time.  Calista cried a lot, which made everything harder.


Gayle Daly said...

I wish you success. I hope you find some kind of a support system there with other mother's who are doing the same.

Sarah Isis D said...

Beautiful pictures.. Thinking and praying for you. You can do this. I admire moms who have the discipline to homeschool. Glad you shared the struggles because some just make it looooooook so easy. (insert video/photo of children listening attentively to mom 8 hours a day)