Monday, September 25, 2017


I joined a hiking group, Hike it Baby Yokosuka.  I thought it would help me get out and see different areas and make new friends at the same time.  Boy was I right.  Sometimes they don't actually hike but get together at a park and play.  They took us to this really amazing log house play area near Yokohama.  I think it was about an hour by train with different stops and switches, so I'm glad I could just follow them around and not worry about how to get there.

It was so cool.  When we first walked in I thought Tucker might be too big to play in it, but I was wrong.  It goes up several levels and even has a full level underneath.  There was so much to climb and play on and also little games set up everywhere like, bean bags, tick tac toe, or basketball hoops.

Tucker even held Calista for a minute in this room geared more toward younger children.  At one point most of the parents in our group were in this room talking.  Then the worker at the loghouse came up and asked us to watch our kids at least some of the time.  At first I felt bad like maybe they were being crazy.  Bob went to go check on them and so did the other parents.  The strange thing was that all the kids were being nice and quiet.  Then I noticed the other Japanese parents were actually playing with their kids the whole time.  I guess it was frowned upon to just let them run around alone.
Can you find Penelope?

One cool thing about this place... It was totally free.  I can hardly believe it.  Who pays for the upkeep and employees?
Afterward we ate lunch at the outdoor park next door.
Penelope had a butterfly land on her leg.  I've seen tons of butterflies around here.  Actually a few kids had the butterfly land on them but I got a picture of Penelope and I can't remember who else it landed on anymore.
The train ride home.

And the walk back to base.

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