Thursday, October 19, 2017

Shonandai Children's Museum

Bob and I took  the kids to Shonandai Children's Museum and planetarium.  We really didn't know anything about it but we thought we would give it a try.  The outside was pretty impressive.
It was only a couple dollars each and had several floors.  One floor had computers and we couldn't really do anything in that room because it was all in Japanese.  We also paid an extra $5 each to see the planetarium show.  That was %100 Japanese.  I knew it would be but we thought it might still be fun to see all the constellations and watch the show in the dome.  It was an hour long during which Calista and I took a nap.  The rest of the kids stayed quiet and entertained though.

After that we went to the bottom of the museum.  It had lots to do and I think the kids could have played all day. 
These facepaint markers were fun.  I was a little disappointed because I brought all the kids over and wanted to paint their faces.  Leon was not happy with his angry eyebrows and promptly washed them off.  Then Bob pulled up face paint pictures on the internet and showed the kids.  Everyone wanted him to paint their faces.  So I sat their for a good 30 minutes while the kids took turns with Bob painting their face.
Calista didn't get a choice in the matter and I got to paint her face.
Penelope was funny because Bob spent at least 20 minutes painting her face.  He used up all the white from several markers and worked really hard on it.  Once it was done Penelope showed it to me and was pretty happy about it.  Then I saw her roughly three minutes later and her face was all washed off.  I was surprised!  She confessed that she liked it but she didn't want people to look at her.  I would have been made if I was bob, but he didn't seem to mind.
Tucker felt sorry for me and let me paint his face too.  So I guess Bob just did Penelope, Scarlett, and Leon.  He spent a really long time on them though, and I wanted to paint the girls faces.

We may or may not go back there but if we do, we aren't doing the planetarium show.

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