Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Now that we are over seas we watch General Conference a week later than everyone back in the states.  It was kind of strange because I saw everyone's quotes and conference pictures a week before conference air for us. 
Our ward has a fun potluck between sessions at church, so we went to that.  But instead of going to all the sessions we just watched the rest at home on the internet.  We even watched a lot of the sessions right after their aired and we didn't wait the week for our ward to play them.
I love these two.
Leon and Tucker's hair was getting pretty long so we went to the base barber to get them cut.  Both boys were a little nervous, which I was surprised about.  Leon told me this was his first time having someone other than me or dad cut his hair.  I didn't realize that. 
Tucker has done it before but it isn't normal for him so he was a little nervous.
And we attempted to make Halloween cookies.  I don't have any cookie cutters so we just bought round sugar cookies and frosting from the store.  Way easier, but not nearly as fun.

And we found a fun second hand store!  I was happy because we got some Halloween costumes.

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