Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Calista's 6 Months

Yay!! Calista made it to six months old!  The first six months with a newborn are such an adjustment period for the family.  Everyone is getting used to having a baby and the baby is getting used to being alive.  We saw a three week old baby the other day and the kids were in awe of how little she was.  They claimed that Calista was never that little.  It is crazy how fast they grow.

Calista likes:

Toys, she always wants to hold something and loves staring at it while grabbing, eating, and turning it around in her hands.
Music, a few times I've noticed she stopped crying when music came on.  I even spotted her dancing a few times.  It was really really cute.
Rolling, she has mastered the front to back roll.
Mom, this is the first month I've noticed she has wanted me over others in the family.  She will lean toward me if someone else is holding her and act like she wants me.  She will be fine with someone else but sometimes when I walk in the room or start talking she will see/hear me and start crying.  Sometimes I feel like she is crying only at me, like, "Mom, why aren't you holding me?"

Calista Dislikes:
Tummy time, she cries the whole time.
Her bed.  We still cannot get her to nap in her bed.  It somehow seems worse this month.  And let me tell you, it is sooo hard to homeschool the other kids while trying to get Calista to take a nap.  She perfers to be held all day long and just take periodic small naps in your arms.

She is so cute!  I love her little face.
It is impossible to be mad at her.  She has the sweetest smile and the prettiest eyes.

I love this girl!

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