Tuesday, November 14, 2017


We caught our first glimpse of Mt. Fugi while in Hakone.  We drove about two hours to get there and it turned out to be a pretty fun day.
We rode a gondala ropeway when we saw Mt. Fugi.  It was high a swayed a little with the wind.  The view was so beautiful.
There was a strong sulfer smell because of the volcano we rode over. 

We made a few stops while on the gondala and the first was was at the very top.  It was so crazy windy!  I could barely stand to be outside at all.

At that stop we ate these special black eggs.  They are black because they were cooked from the volcanic steam.  It is said that for every egg you eat you live seven years longer.

They tasted just like regular hard boiled eggs.
Pretty much whatever they have in Japan they have a Hello Kitty version of it to.
Back on the gondala for more amazing views and on to the next stop.
I think we came at the perfect time because the trees were showing their fall colors. 

On the last gondola stop we hopped on a pirate ship. 
The kids were disappointed that it actually had an engine and didn't use the sails.
The pirate rides were similar.  We rode to a stop then got off and checked things out before getting back on a different ship.  We rode three total.

At the last stop we went to another shrine.

Then after the last stop we rode the gondola back through the stops to get to the car.  It was a neat experience.

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Gayle Daly said...

I think it's so fantastic that Bob's parents made the trip over there to spend time with you. I hope that your children remember some of this when they are grown. You will have to print out this Japan experience of your blog in a book form for them.