Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Just a quick pre-Christmas update from pictures I pulled off my phone.  I'm waiting for Bob to upload his Christmas pictures onto the computer so I can combine them with mine.  If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen most of these.  If not go here :)

Baskin' Robbins are everywhere here in Japan.  The kids have been asking so w finally went to one.  This particular one is on base but there are lots off base as well.  I let the kids pick whatever they wanted, a real treat for them because we usually share or just don't go at all, and they all decided on tripple scoops in a waffle cone.

I love how Leon's is bigger than his head.

I think I'm the only one who finished mine.  The kids ate as much as they could and then when they started to feel sick they had the sense to throw them in the garbage.

Every once in a while Leon asks me to take a picture of him.  He is the only one of the kids to do this and sometimes they crack me up.  The next picture is one he asked me to take.
Japan has all kinds of different flavors of kitkats!  It can be really fun, so far my favorite are a cranberry almond.  These are crème brûlée and the package even had directions on how to bake them.  I don't think they were very good, but it was fun to try them out.
Calista and I dressed matching for church the other day.
It was her idea.

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