Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Real Hair Cut...Sort Of

Scarlett's hair was getting pretty long and tangly.  She never liked combing her hair and it was always such a mess.  I posed the idea of cutting her hair to her even though I wasn't 100% sure and she loved the idea.  I thought I would miss her long hair and all the fun braids I like to do.  But I finally decided that it looks pretty messy most of the time so we would go for it. 

We had plenty of time on New Years Eve to cut it.

Don't mind the messy bathroom.  Why don't we have any drawers or cabinets?

I did not do the greatest job, but it turned out ok.  I'm sure it is uneven but you can't really tell.

Scarlett loves it.  Cutting it was definitly the right choice.  Now it looks fairly decent most of the time and she doesn't have to worry so much about tangles.  And it will be easier for everyone to tell her and Penelope apart.

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Douglas Swift said...

She looks really cute.