Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mt Takatori Hike

We went with a group of people to church and did the Mt. Takatori Hike.  I've done this hike once before with the kids but it was pretty good I didn't mind doing it again.  It seemed to be a pretty good length for us.  Not too long that we can't make it, but long enough that we got a little tired.  Especially going up all the stairs.

Everywhere I turn in Japan seems to have a nice view.
Check out Mt. Fugi.

A nice view and a giant Buddah. 
On our way back we headed up the observation tower.  It had a really great 360 degree view.

It sure has been cold here in Japan but we aren't letting that stop us from getting outside.  I'm not used to all this sunshine in the winter.  I'm used to a cold and wet winter.  Here it is cold and very very dry.  

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