Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Valentines Day

Valentines day was so not on my radar at all this year.  It came shortly after we moved into our house and I was so focused on unpacking that I really didn't do anything at all.  My friend had a little party for homeschool kids and we were able to go to that.  It was perfect because I really didn't do any planning.
At the party the kids played with pink play dough.  I pretty much never let the kids do play dough because of the mess, so doing it somewhere else was great. 

I set up a little cake walk for the kids and gave out mini cupcakes.  I was going to make regulation sized cupcakes but when I went to pour my batter I realized that there was no way my 24 cupcake pan was fitting in my mini Japanese oven (I can barley fit a 9 by 13 and only if I stick it in going straight back).  Luckily my mini cupcake pan fit in my oven.  But I didn't have liners for that.  The kids didn't seem to mind.  I actually didn't even have time to frost the cupcakes but my kids frosted them all!  It was amazing because I didn't even help them.  Were they perfect?  No, not at all.  But the kids loved them so much more because they made them.  They kept pointing out which ones they made.
We also ate lunch, passed out valentines, and frosted heart sugar cookies.
In the morning I told the kids they might want to wear something pink, white, or red for valentines day and Tucker came down stairs in all black.  He said it was the most opposite of Valentines day that he could come up with.  Works for me.
This next one is totally random but I thought it was cute.  I just love seeing the kids play with Calista.  It is so helpful for me, but they never act like it is a chore.  The usually fight over who gets to play with her.
We went to Ikea around that time and they had the cutest couch valentine's dessert.  I had to get one even though I wouldn't say the taste was worth the price.

We got a few new things from Ikea for our house.  Just basic things we needed, like this desk.

Nothing fancy, but filler items to replace things we didn't bring form our old house.  I think we got this desk, a chair for it, two dressers, a bookshelf, and three rugs.  Bob was shocked that we fit it all in our van with the seven of us, but I had a feeling it would fit.  Bob seems to be able to make the impossible happen and I've learned to rely on that :)

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