Friday, March 30, 2018

Leon's 5-Year-Old Photos

Leon did not want to stop playing for five minutes to let me take the pictures of him last week before church but I made him anyways.  I feel like Leon changed so much in the last year.  He was so easy up until he turned four.  Like the most mellow easy going toddler that was pretty happy entertaining himself.  It seemed like at the flip of the switch after he turned four he turned crazy.  He now runs around jumping and climbing on everything.  He turned into a little ball of energy and I love it!
Leon is loud and fun and dirty, just everything a little boy should be.  He is always climbing on people and running around like crazy.  He leaves things out and tries to get aways with the least amount of work as possible.  I really like having him around. 
I didn't know Bob as a child but I can picture him being just like how Leon is now.
Along with Leon being so full of energy he is so genuine and sweet.  He gets nervous to do new things and he is so cute when he is scared.  If even a remotely scary scene will happen in a movie he will run over to me and try to hide his face from the screen.  Leon also will randomly come up to me and give me a hug.  He even sometimes shares his bed with Tucker when Tucker's bed can't be slept in because it is in fort mode. 
I've seen Leon try to keep up with his older siblings and get frustrated when he can't.  Often there will be things that they can do but he isn't old enough and he really is a trooper about it.  I think now that he is five he will be able to join in most of those types of things.  For example he got to hang out with me every week while the other kids did their swim and gym classes.  He is really fun for me to be around because he seems to have the right balance of talking to me and playing alone.  Leon really seems to idolize Tucker especially.  Not only does he try to copy him all the time Tucker is the one that he runs and jumps on and wrestles with all day.  I think he learned that the girls do not like it while Tucker will play back with him.
I'm excited to see how he continues to grow and learn this year.  I love him and am happy he is in our family.

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