Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Kannonzaki Park with Talitha

We went to our favorite park for the first time from our new house and realized it is less than ten minutes away!  Sweet!  We wanted to take Talitha there to show her the roller slides.  
This time most of us got a couple burns from the slide.  You have to be careful that none of your skin touches the edges as you go down.  I think we never had a problem before because we were probably more bundled up.
After the slides we spent a good amount of time checking out the different parts of the park.

The cherry blossoms had started to fade by now and the green was already taking over on the trees.  It was so short lived!

That night we went to Red Door Ramen right outside the base gate.  Ok, it actually has some Japanese name that none of the American's know.  Everyone just calls it red door ramen because it has a red door.
I love how Leon sticks out his tongue when he is concentrating.  Chopsticks can be hard.  Oh and check out the napkins in the below picture.
It is totally normal in Japan for the restaurants to supply cheap tissues instead of real napkins.  Even when they do have napkins they are pretty bad and not absorbent at all, which is a problem when you have five kids who like to knock over glasses.

Talitha helped us out with our hair while she was here.  She cut the girls hair and coached me some more on how to color my own.  Some things, like getting hair done, are just harder in Japan.

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