Friday, April 13, 2018

Yokohama China Town

After the cupnoodles museum in Yokohama we decided to walk over to China Town.  It was a much farther walk than I thought it would be, but we couldn't have asked for better weather and we did get to see some pretty cherry blossoms.

We just walked around China town a little bit and explored.  Then we headed back.
We found a great park with some really nice flowers along the water.
Calista was mesmerized by the drinking fountain.
We even saw a sakura tree with three different color flowers.
The red brick area had some fun little shops.
This was my first time going to Yokohama and I was impressed.  It was such a pretty town.  Everything was nice looking and it seemed less crowded then Tokyo.

These next couple pictures are just kind of randomly thrown on here.  They were from a different day but I still wanted to share.  Scarlett and Penelope loved these dresses.
One night we went out to sushi-go-round.  The kids love going, but I always feel it is a bit hectic with everyone grabbing plates and getting what they want.
Penelope and Scarlett spent a lot of time playing "Model" with Talitha, so she is wearing the outfit they picked out for her to wear.

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