Monday, May 28, 2018

Life Update

I feel like we are finally settled into our life here in Japan.  It took us five months to get into our house and then two months after that to feel like things are normal.  But now that we have been here for almost 9 months I really feel like I'm getting used to life here.  I uploaded some random pictures that were on my phone from the last few weeks.
We ran into some friends on base after play practice one day.  It happened to be the 4th of May.

A note about the bow:  I love these bows!  Calista has a ton of headband bows.  I almost don't want to admit it but if I was to guess how many I'd guess 15-20, and that isn't counting her many bows that aren't headbands or her hats that have bows or ties attached.  She wears one pretty much everyday until I get tired of putting it back on her.  She recently has picked up the fun habit of pulling them off and the feigning trying to put them back on again, while looking at me to actually put them back on her.  Anyway, we were at Tucker's baseball practice and she was sitting on the ground at my feet playing around as usual when out of nowhere a big woosh happens and I feel something on my head only to look and see a giant seahawk swoop away from Calista and up into the air with something in its claws.  I instantly looked at Calista and she had her headband on and was fine so I was a little shaken up but everything seemed ok.  Although we couldn't figure out what on earth it had taken.  Then about 20 minutes later Penelope and Scarlett brought me Calista's bow they had found in the field.  I then realized that the bird swooped down and pulled the bow right off of her head while leaving on the headband.  It was crazy.  And now I really need to be careful with the bows.  People have gotten hurt from these giant Seahawks taking food out of people's hands.  Because of that we can never really have a picnic unless we are under a tree, and now we even need to be careful with hair accessories.
The kids swim and gym class has ended!  Leon improved so much it was amazing.  On his very first class he was crying he was so scared to get into the water and now he has and does a great job doing whatever the teacher asks.
Calista's hair finally seems to be thickening up.  It is definitly red, this picture makes it look a bit more blonde then it does in real life.  Trust me, it is the same shade as the other four.

I got in the 40" canvas print I ordered online and I love it!  It fits perfectly in our entryway, and the picture is just what I envisioned when I wanted our family picture taken with the cherry blossoms.
Another Calista pic.
This next one is what happens when breakfast is unsupervised.
There are so many of these shrines around japan.  We found this one while on a family bike ride.
Aren't these two just the cutest?  Bob hasn't had a calling since the Elder's quarm presidency got released and he is really awesome about hanging with Calista all during church while I'm in primary.

Believe it or not but there were two other women at church on Sunday with matching dresses, not counting Calista.
Ok, that's about it for now, have a good week.

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