Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Smash Cake

We had a little birthday party for Calista after Bob got home from work yesterday.  All the kids were envious that Calista got her very own cake.

I love how the cake turned out!  I waited a couple days to get the right tip to frost it.  I've done these roses before but with the wrong tip and doing it right was soooo much easier. 
Calista was pretty happy that we sat her down in front of the cake.  She did a lot of poking her finger in it and then licking her finger.
At one point it fell over.   We tried to put it back up but at that point she was done with it.  She never really got handfuls of the cake part.  She didn't take big bites or make a mess.  She was done though, she just scooted away uninterested.  I even left the cake out on the plate for a couple hours until bedtime and she never went back for it.  Right before bed I fed her some more bites with a spoon and she ate them, but she wasn't extra excited about it or anything.
We also lined up some items to see which she would go for.  We have done this with all the kids and like to predict what their future occupation will be.  Calista was kind of funny with this.
She grabbed the scissors first, and then the pen right after that.  So maybe the scissors could be a hair dresser or online they said fashion designer for scissors.  The pen could be a writer.  Calista, quickly moved through the items picking up each thing before dropping it and grabbing the next.  Maybe that will be an indicator of her career path.
Lastly we gave her some presents.  Tucker and Leon both picked out one of their toys to give her.  It was sweet because they did this all on their own.  We also gave her a couple things from the 100 yen store.  I honestly give her things all the time but I didn't have any specific birthday presents planned for her.

She is waving bye to you!

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Gayle Daly said...

All these pictures just bring a smile to my face. It's all happy!!