Thursday, August 9, 2018

Gig Harbor with Friends

While back in Washington I really did miss having our own car.  We sold both of our cars before moving to Japan, and we now have a van here in Japan but of course we couldn't bring it with us.  My parents have a couple cars that they were willing to share with us.  But even with that I missed having a vehicle that our whole family could fit in.

One day I was able to borrow a car and meet friends halfway from my parents house to where I used to live in Bremerton.  We met at a random park and let the kids play.
It was super last minute but great to catch up with some long time friends.  I really wanted to go to church in my old ward and visit more people but it just didn't work out this trip.
I was only able to bring three kids with me so Bob, Calista, and Leon got to stay and hang out at my parents house for a bit.  They decided to go to Lowes.  I'm sure Bob misses having all his tools and doing lots of projects.  He used to always have something he was working on out in the shed but had to give that up completely here in Japan.  We don't have a garage or basement or anywhere suitable for tools/woodworking.

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