Thursday, May 21, 2020

Neighborhood Fun

Bob's week off work coincided with beautiful weather so we got to have some fun in our neighborhood. 
I love our neighborhood and their parks.  We live like 5 or 6 depending which ones you are counting as in our neighborhood but all are close enough for the kids to walk to.  None of them have fancy toys, but they do have space to run around and to be imaginative.  They also have friends.  We don't have big yards to play in so all the kids go to the park and you see the same kids everyday and make friends that way.

This next one has been deemed unsafe.  I hope they build something new, but if not the kids still like to go to the park regardless of the toy set.
I just love how the kids get to run around and climb trees and no one bats and eye or looks at me weird for letting my children climb.
There was a new sign put up so I used my handy google translate on my phone to try to read it.  It can be fun to try to interpret google translate.  I can usually get the idea even though it isn't usually dead on for meaning.

 Tucker made a birthday cake for his friend Bryce and gave it to him outside.
 Tucker also has been mowing the neighbors lawn whiles she is away for the summer.
But that was last week.  This week it is cloudy and Bob is working.  I do let the older kids still play outside during the day but I don't get out as much because there is usually a baby that needs watching and a dinner that needs to be made.


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Jacquelyn said...
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