Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools Day

Yesterday was April Fools Day.  I wanted to do a couple what I considered 'harmless pranks' and when a friend invited us over for dinner I thought I would have a little fun with the dessert we brought over.  I told everyone it was a sponge cake.
It turned out looking pretty nice and yummy.  But i started to feel bad after the kids saw the cake and were talking about how if they eat all their dinner they get cake.  then after dinner the kids (theirs and mine) were repeating 'i want cake' over and over again.  I really should have thought this through better because I didn't anticipate the kids being genuinely upset when they figured out that they couldn't actually eat the cake.
I made sure my friend cut it and SURPRISE, it is actually made of sponges.  The kids were sad and confused.  I did bring out cookies I also made to ease the pain.  If I ever did it again I would make sure I actually had a real cake to bring out after the joke.

Yesterday I also had a few food tricks I wanted to play on the kids.  I think this one turned out the best.  I told them I was giving them juice.

By the time the 'mashed potatoes' came around Tucker was starting to catch on and I don't think it turned out looking very much like mashed potatoes anyway.

For the last April Fools joke i made the blog post yesterday.  So if you haven't read it yet go read it now before you finish reading this.  Seriously stop reading. 

I was totally joking about the name! We still aren't sure what we are going to name our baby, but it is most likely not going to be Buffy.  Since only one person said they liked the name and the blog got over 40 views yesterday I am assuming you all were just either being polite and not commenting that you really don't like the name and you knew it was a joke and didn't want to spoil the fun.  I made up all of that stuff about loving the show and Bob didn't even hear the name until after I posted it. I hope I didn't upset anyone by totally lying on my blog.  I try really hard to always tell the truth, but I figured for April Fools Day I could make and exception. 


Sara said...

HAHA! I figured your name choice was April Fool's joke but Shawn thought it sounded real. We made a $5 bet on who would be right. I will enjoy my $5 victory!

KRad said...

To be honest I wasn't sure about the name. I hoped for your child's sake it was an April Fool's joke, but in case it wasn't I didn't want to hurt your feelings by asking if it was. So very glad it was a joke!

Talitha said...

Oh I am so happy it was a joke! I was hoping all day it would be, I didn't want to tell you I hated Buffy incase it was the real deal. FYI I do like Besty though!