Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

I have been wanting to make my own pillowcase dress for Penelope for some time now and I still have my mom's sewing machine so I thought I'd better do it now.  This project was more difficult than the curtains but if you know how to sew I would say this project is relatively simple.  I already had everything I needed except for the pillowcase and that I got at goodwill for a dollar.  Penelope was picking it up saying 'Princess' so I think that means she likes it.  One thing I don't like about sewing is all the prep work.  I'm talking about the measuring, cutting, ironing, and pinning.  I just want to stick two things together and go.

Materials needed:
1 Pillowcase
Ribbon of Choice
1. Cut the top off of the pillowcase.  I recommend measuring from the open end up 21-25 inches and cutting there.
2. Make two 2" strips out of the left over material.  They should be as long as the dress is wide.  So measure 2" of the extra material cut it and you should have a circle.  then cut that apart on the seems and you will have two pieces.  Then fold them about a half inch in and then again on both sides creating your binding.  Iron it so it stays.
3. Cut sleeves in the dress and sew binding on.  Lay the dress down, measure 2" in at the top and about 5" down.  Draw a curved line and cut.  Do it on both sides. This is where the arms will stick out.  Sew the binding on over the edge so it doesn't fray.
4. Create the spot for the elastic to go through.  Fold the top down about 1", fold the edge under, iron it, and sew it.  Do this on the front and back pieces.  Then cut two 7" pieces of elastic sew 10" of ribbon of your choice onto both ends of both pieces of the elastic.  Thread one piece of elastic through the front and one through the back.
5. You can stop here if you want or ad ribbon around the waist to create more shape.  If you want ribbon get a large piece and pin it on.  Create pleats if u like.  Then only sew about 4 inches of the ribbon onto the front.  You're done!


KariMarie said...

That turned out cuter than I envisioned. Well done!!! I pinned it, but wasn't sure if you wanted Penelope's picture out there. Let me know if you want me to delete it.

Gayle Daly said...

That dress is DARLING! I thought you were going to make one of the pillow case dresses they have been doing for the humanitarian projects. Yes prep work for sewing or any other thing for that matter is the worst. You go GIRL! You are amazing.

Lorraine Butler said...

Good job! I know the prep work for sewing slows you down, but it's what makes everything beautiful and finished. Way to go!

Unknown said...

Cute dress & super easy ... I like! BTW - I like the new look of your blog :)

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