Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ruffle Pillow Tutoial

Yay! I am finally done with my four different pillowcase covers!  It was a good learning experience and I really am a better sewer now that I finished these.  For todays Tuesday tutirial I am going to explain how to do the ruffle pillowcase cover.  But first I want to post a picture of all the pillows together.
Shag Pillow here.  Bow Pillow here.  Embroidered Pillow here.  And stay put for the Ruffle Pillow.

Materials Needed:
1 18" Square out of choice material
2 12"x18" rectangles of same materiel
6 3"x60" strips of Jersey Material
Sewing machine

1) Sew a straight stitch across each strip.  Make sure not to back stitch at the beginning or end!  Use your largest stitch for this.  Once that is done grab the underneath thread and slowly bunch up the material.  Just keep working it down until the ruffle is 18" long.  do this to all 6 strips.
2) Evenly place them onto the 18" square and pin them. Next sew right down the of each ruffle.
 3) Now for the pillowcase.  Take your rectangles and fold over one 18" side two times.  Iron it and sew it.  Do this for one side of each piece.
4) Lay the rectangles overlapping on top of the ruffles.  Make sure right sides are together.  Pin it and sew around the entire edge.

Turn it inside out and it is done!

 I am happy because my pillows were getting pretty ugly.  They were colored on, spilled on, and spit up on.  I tried to wash them but they just didn't look very good.  Now I have nice pillowcases that can come off and be washed!  I hope I wasn't crazy when I decided to make them all white.

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Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

What a fantastic tutorial!! I.love.this.pillow! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!