Wednesday, May 30, 2012

T-Shirt Baby Hat Tutorial

I'm recovering from the drive and Disneyland so check out another guest post from Sarah at the Winthrop Chronicles I know it is not exactly warm hat season, but I figure babies with little hair can use these year round.

I'm so glad to be guest posting here on Watch Out For The Woestmans! Doranda is so sweet and has so many amazing ideas! She asked me to share this tutorial with you. They are little baby hats that I made out of old t-shirts.

Every year I try to empty out the boxes of clothes I have in the attic, I usually donate the clothes. But this year I decided to grab a few to up cycle in to these hats. I also made a bunch of these hats with some girls from church and we donated them to a women's shelter. Seriously, the hats are so quick and easy to make, you will want to make a ton I promise!
 To make the hat: 
1. Find an old t-shirt or tank top (I found that the t-shirts keep their shape better than the tank tops). If you want a rounded edge at base of the hat, you can use the collar of the shirt. Cut the t-shirt up so that the front and back of the shirt are separate. Then line up the collar as seen in the picture below. *If you want a straight edge at the bottom of the hat, do step 2 at the bottom of the t-shirt. (That is how I did the polka dot hat, pink hat and yellow hat. Notice the straight edge across the bottom of those hats. And you don't have to do anything with the hem, just use the original t-shirt hem).
2. Turn the shirt inside out and draw a pattern similar to this on the inside of the shirt. (As you can see I didn't turn the t-shirt inside out to draw the pattern, but trust me, it's better to just turn it inside out).
{I added a little tag that I cut off of the shirt. Just stick it inside the hat as you are sewing it}
{below: looking in to the inside of the hat where the tag is}
3. Cut out and pin together, make sure the right sides of the fabric are facing each other.
4. Sew it and then turn it right side out.
5. Tie a knot in the top of the hat.
For this hat:
I made some rosettes from the tank top and sewed them on the hat. I used some leftover dye from my son's man in the yellow hat costume to dye the white tank top yellow.


Crafting Queen said...

Adorable hat.

KariMarie said...

What a simple yet cute idea!