Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to make jeans Skinny and Capris

I took these jeans that I never wear and turned them not only into skinny jeans but also into Capris.  It was so easy. Below is a pic of the original pants.

Materials needed:
Jeans that need modified
Jeans that are already the shape you want
sewing machine
 1) First turn your jeans inside out and lay them out.  Make sure you get all the bumps out.  Lay the jeans that are already skinny/carpi on top.
 2) Take a marker and draw right on your pants where you need to sew them.  Sometimes it will be the inside seem sometimes it will be the outside.  You need to look at the seems that are already on the jeans and see which one doesn't have the outside stitch.  For me this time it was the inside of the leg.

Then I used a paper to even out the line and make sure it had a gradual start.
 3) Sew along the lines.

If you are not making them shorter than you are done here.  You can cut off the extra material if you want but it isn't necessary.  I didn't on mine.
 4) If making Capri's cut off the extra ends.
 5) Turn the jeans back right side out and pin the end up about 1/2 an inch.  Iron it and sew it.  I sewed one regular stitch and then a zig zag stitch to make sure it wouldn't fray.
6) Then fold the jeans up again to your desired length and iron them there.

TaDa my new (but not really) Capri's!  Perfect for Califonia weather!


Kaitlyn B said...

Just found you from the link up and I love this!! I have so many jeans I want to do this to so thank you for sharing!

KariMarie said...

I'll probably never use this tutorial, but they're cute pants. LOL I am back from our roadtrip and just got caught up on all your posts. You guys look to be having so much fun! I love all your pictures!! Plus it is a good thing you are blogging while out there or you'd have a heck of a time when you got back home. Keep 'em coming!

Jenilyn said...

Very cute! Thanks for linking up at Grits & Giggles!

Cadence Grace said...

Super cute Doranda!

Andie said...

Too cute! I will have to try this. My thrift store has jeans for $2 that I could do this too