Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1st Day of School Shirt Tutorial

I put tucker in a size large shirt with "class of 2025" printed on it for the first day of school.  It looks silly, I know, but the fun part is that I am going to take a picture of him in this shirt every year until he graduates, hopefully in 2025.  The shirt is sooooo huge on him right now.  It is funny because it is actually one of bob's old shirts turned inside out.  I was able to make this for free!

Materials Needed:
L t-shirt
spray paint

1) Figure out the graduation year and print 'class of 2025' in a large font on your computer. Cardstock will work better but I used regular printer paper because it is all I had.

2) This was the hard part, cut out the letters.  I used scissors and took my time.  You might want to try an exacto knife if you prefer it.  Also make sure you don't cut out the middle of the '0'.

3) Place a large box inside of the shirt.  Make sure the shirt is pulled tight so it can't move.  Then tape the printed paper (your stencil) to the shirt.  You may want to tape more pages around the outside to make sure more of the shirt doesn't get painted.

4) Spray away!


Melody b said...

Super cute idea doranda! And congratulations on your pregnancy!

SaraC said...

Soooo cute! Definitely going to remember this idea!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea, thank you for sharing xxx

Linda said...

Great idea-wish I had thought of it for my kids! :-}

KariMarie said...

That's a fun idea! I just might have to copy you, if I ever get around to doing it. LOL

Anna said...

This is such a fun idea! I'm going to feature it next week on my 1st day of school pictures round-up!


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