Sunday, November 4, 2012

Watch What I'm Wearing

This is what I wore to Wicked last week.  You might recognize the famous gum wall background.  It was a little awkward taking these pictures with 50 people standing around watching.  That is probably why I didn't take the time to get the lighting right.  Oh well.  I love the Halloweenesk black on black with yellow pops of color.  My hair was curled, but that didn't last five minutes in the rain. So you will have to picture it curled.  And this dress is super comfortable 
Dress: Macy's $25?;   Belt: Made it;  Necklace: f21, $10;  Purse: Kaboo;  Leggings;  Boots: Ross, $20?

Another great thing about this dress is that it hides the baby bump well.  The only reason you can see it so nicely in this picture is because of how I am holding the dress down with my arms.  I was about 19 1/2 weeks in this picture.  But because of the dress I don't think many people could tell I was pregnant.

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Rubi Ruiz said...

Hey Doranda!

Love this outfit! Yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear. I love the pop of color it adds to the black! And it goes well with the red hair! :)



P.S. I think you set the submissions for tomorrow rather than today to link-up.

Beautiful Day said...

Very chic outfit! The yellow pops!

Rachel The Hat said...

i love the pops of mustard! and how cute is your baby bump! Thanks for hosting, im also co hosting a blog hop if you would like to join in, its been great so far!xx

Anonymous said...

Love these photos and the moody lighting. :)

Jen @ Librarian for Life Style

Anonymous said...

Wow what a weird but awesome backdrop! You look adorable!! PS Red heads have more fun!

Sandy a la Mode said...

love love your purse! thanks for letting me link up! :)

Sandy a la Mode

Katie said...

you are so cute!! and that dress with the belt is adorable!

Suzanne said...

That gum wall is colourful and disgusting at the same time.

I love the outfit and your hair colour is fab.


LauraStradivari said...
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LauraStradivari said...
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Unknown said...

Love your new hair color and great job on making that belt. The pop of yellow is great.

Unknown said...

Love the outfit. I love black with any bright eye popping color. One outfit I put together recently was black slacks, black vneck with hot pink shoes! Got so many compliments. After seeing this post, it influenced me to invest in a pair of yellow shoes!

And omg wicked! :O I love the broadway show. Its amazing and like .. speechless. Cant even find the right words to describe wicked. Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did!

Chioma said...

love how the yellow pops against the black!

C's Evolution of Style