Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last Scooter Rides

We are selling our scooter.  I am a little sad about it because I love the scooter. But it just isn't practical for us to keep it anymore.  It doesn't get ridden enough to keep the battery working and I don't ride it because one I don't have a licenses for it and two it is too hard for me to kick start.  Back when we were in college I rode it to class everyday.  It really was a lifesaver for us when Tucker was a baby.   Bob and I had 15 minutes between classes and because of the scooter that was enough time for me to ride home and take over watching the baby while bob hoped on the scooter and got to class.  I remember cold Rexburg days when the throttle would freeze while riding and I had to try to melt the ice by rubbing my hand on it so I could slow down.

These days it gets used for giving the kids rides around the neighborhood and that is about it.  They enjoy it, but it is taking up space we need in our garage and I don't want to keep paying insurance and registration for something that we don't use.  So we are selling it for $600.  Let me know if you are interested.  I told Bob that when our Honda breaks we should just buy a real motorcycle instead of a second car!


Stylishly in love said...

Your little guy is growing up so fast.

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Unknown said...

Did you sell your scooter? How much were you asking for it?