Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blitz at Grandma's House

I didnt realize until uploading these pictures how behind I was on sharing what Blitz has been up to.  Here are 10 more elf on the shelf ideas.

Blitz dyed our milk green!
On another day he made pancakes for everyone.  This was especially cute because we set this up Sunday morning.  That is our usual pancake day.  Then Bob and I went back to bed so when the kids ran down they saw the pancakes all ready and so they knew Blitz made them.
I thought for sure our kids wouldn't find this next one.  Surprisingly Scarlett was the first one to spot him.

After seeing the marshmallow Tucker asked me why he was eating a gross marshmallow.  The didn't quite get that he burned it.
I love mint m&ms so when the kids found Blitz Penelope ran over and asked me in a very concerned voice if it was ok for Blitz to eat my m&ms.
We headed out of town and luckily Blitz hid in the car that day.  It was a perfect way for me not to forget to pack him.

Then the next morning while we were at grandmas house he managed to find the way and showed up on the doorstep in a package.

I really liked the sack race, I notice half way through the day that the penguin was back standing up.  I don't think the kids understood that he fell down during the race.  Scarlett was a little upset that she couldn't play with Tinckerbell.
Penelope has been asking about the splits a lot lately.  She really wants to be able to do them.  So I thought the elf doing gymnastics would be perfect.
And of course Tucker loves Spiderman so we had to work that in.
Who knows where the kids will find him tomorrow?


Cody Doll said...

Wow those are cute. I really like the spider man one. I like the idea of elf on the self, so cute.

Stylishly in love said...

You are amazing!


Talitha said...

Love it, The kids told me about him in the car with them.

Ashley Elizabeth said...

Super cute ideas! Our elf has been going entertaining us too this year.

Unknown said...

Oh my word... your elf on shelf is so fabulous!!!

KCO said...

Elf on the Shelf is one of my favourite series of yours. You are so creative!