Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lego Birthday Party Invitations Tutorial

With the Lego movie coming out on DVD right before Tucker's birthday he decided he wanted the Lego movie to be the birthday party theme.  I'm a big fan of DIY and invitations are no exception so Here are our handmade lego party invitations.
They were supper easy to make.  First we just cut out the right size construction paper.  Next we cut out little foam squares.  Then we cut out circles and glued it all together.  The circles were the hardest part and so if you have a large circle punch I would recommend using that.
Next we printed what they would say on the inside on regular paper.  I blurred our address because I didn't want to post it on the internet.  We wrote, "Celebrate and build memories."
Lastly Tucker wrote the names of the kids he wanted to invite on the cards.  These only took us a couple hours to make and we already had everything we needed.
I know it can be more work to make the cards, and I don't think we will always do it this way.  But it was a fun craft to do together and I think they are much more personal then store bought invitations.

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