Sunday, July 27, 2014

Watch What I'm Wearing

I really loved wearing this outfit.  You know how sometimes you just feel comfortable on something.  And I don't mean that in a sweats and pj shirt kind of way, I mean I wasn't messing with it all day long and I felt like it looked good.  It reminded me of something I learned a long time ago.  If you take the time to put on something that you feel confident in then you will be able to forget about yourself and focus on others.  Kind of opposite was the other week I had this skirt on that I was pulling down all day and it bothered me so much I was thinking about it way more then I should have.
Shirt: Old Navy Shoes: Gift  Skirt: Stunning
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Unknown said...

You look great! I love this fun outfit and the chevron skirt is just adorable!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! I am so honored for the additional feature—thank you!
Loving your outfit this week, especially your necklace layering

Crystelle Boutique said...

You always look absolutely stunning! And modest! Good for you! :)
xox, Crystelle