Sunday, July 20, 2014

Watch What I'm Wearing

My mom keeps giving me boxes of stuff I left at her house and this last particular box and some cute dresses I wore when I was little.  Penelope and Scarlett loved the dresses and they fit Penelope pretty well so I let her wear one to church last week.   My mom actually made this dress.  Penelope thought it was fun doing outfit pictures before church.  I kinda liked being the one taking pictures instead of the one posing this time.
Dress: My mom made it.
I didn't know before the pictures that she was wearing another skirt underneath.  Oh well.

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Talitha said...

Cute dress! I kinda remember you wearing it.... I'm going to look for a pic of you in it, that would be great if I found one!

Jacquelyn said...

Watch not "Whatch"