Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Vacation

We just got back from a three week vacation!  It was long but we had a blast.  First we flew to Cincinnati to visit Bob's family.  I was so worried about the flight.  We were taking four kids leaving at 9:30pm and had to switch planes in the middle of the night.

The kids actually did very well on the plane, better than expected.  They were so excited and a little scared to go on the plane.  Here are a few pictures from the airport.

Leon was funny because once he climbed up onto this little table he got a little scared and started crying.
Scarlett loved bringing her own backpack.  In it she had her blanket and her candy.  Each kid got their own box of candy for the plane.  That was the real reason they were excited to board.
Here they are looking out the window watching planes take off.  We only brought carry ons because we didn't want to pay extra for luggage fees.  So we ended up with ten bags.  Tucker and Penelope did awesome pulling their very own suitcase around the airport.  I thought they were going to complain about it and give up but they were troopers.  I carried my own and pushed Leon in the stroller and Bob carried his and Scarlett's.
One of the planes was pretty small with only one seat on one side and two on the other.  So Tucker got to sit by himself.  He loved it!
I just want to make a quick mention about the flight home.  It didn't go nearly as smooth.  We also had a layover but our first plane got delayed meaning we missed our second before even boarding the first. We switched flights all together and stopped in Chicago instead.  But because it was so last minute we couldn't sit together.  We had to ask people to switch us seats so our kids weren't alone.  On the first flight I ended up in the front with Tucker and Penelope.  Bob, Scarlett, and Leon sat in the back.  On the second flight Leon and I got to sit in first class and Bob sat with the rest of the kids in the back.  It was very nice of Bob to let me take the first class seat.  I've never done it before and it was a lot of fun.  We got a meal and warm cookies and just more space all around.  Leon was crazy wiggly and getting upset until he fell asleep but once we slept everything went fine.  Bob gave the kids melatonin in the back and said they all went to sleep as well!

It was a good trip but I am happy to be home.  Check back tomorrow for what we did.

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Unknown said...

Glad the plane rides went fairly well. We're planning on flying to Utah with our kids for Thanksgiving and I'm more than a little worried. Not that anything will happen, just that my kids will be annoying to other passengers on the plane. :)