Sunday, October 12, 2014

Watch What I'm Wearing

Not the best outfit picture this week but we were pressed for time.  Just imagine I'm wearing the cutest brown shoes ever!
Cardigan: Target  Shirt: Down East:  Skirt: Made it  Scarf: from my sister

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Claire Justine said...

Nice outfit :)

Thanks for hosting..

Alexandra said...

Hoppla! I was startled there for a moment seeing myself. Thanks to everyone who came over to visit me and my anniversary outfit :)

I like the white with the apricot! It's such a fresh combination :) And that scarf looks so cozy. I do some knitting myself during the winter months, but am so slow that stuff gets finished the year after :P Kudos for making your skirt.

Alex - Funky Jungle - Instagram

Mary-Anne said...

Love that cardigan!