Sunday, February 15, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

I accidentally bought this bright pink dress a while back online and haven't worn it much since then.  I meant to get the light blue one not the hot pink.  After I found out that the pink one was on its way to my house I thought, oh well maybe it will come in the mail and not be too crazy.  But it is super bright and kind of crazy so I never really wear it.  If there was any day of the year to pull it off Valentines day would be it.  So I wore it when we went out to eat for V-day.  I even tried to tone it down with dark accessories.
Dress:  Shoes: Ross?  Scarf: Kohls  Jacket: JC Penny

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Alexandra said...

The color sure is bright, but I think it really suits you and the dress is pretty and looks great on you. Maybe wear it with a cardigan or shirt covering the upper part a bit to tone it down for wearing it more? If not, shorten it into a top ;-)

Alex - Funky Jungle

Unknown said...

you are so cute, slim and chic!
positive blog with beautiful pictures!

Robin said...

That would definitely be a huge shock to find out you are getting bright pink instead of light blue. BUT you look fabulous!!!

Xo Robin