Sunday, February 8, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

Last week I decided to support the Seahawks and wear team colors.  I think that if it looks nice enough to wear to church any Sunday of the year then there would be no harm in wearing Seahawks colors on Superbowl Sunday.  I saw lots of green and navy at church last week, I was definitely not the only one.
Skirt: Made it  Shirt: H&M  Shoes: Japan

I thought the girls looked cute with their new heart bows, so they took a picture too.

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Chelsea Olivia said...

So awesome! Thanks for sharing my outfit! xo

Unknown said...

Your girls look adorable and I love the colour of your skirt!

Copycat Outfits said...

I love your outfit, very cute and chic!!

those two little girls, oh my gosh .. they are adorable!!

Laura xx

Ps. I'm hosting a link up over at - it is based in Scotland, UK and is relatively new. I'd love you to come over and share your post with my readers. :)

Rebecca said...

I hope you join the Shoe & Tell linkup I am co-hosting with Cherie this week!


Unknown said...

Love your colorblocking! Thanks for hosting! And the girls are so stinking cute!

bashashhazbaz said...

you look absolutely beautiful!