Sunday, May 17, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

I love my new palazzo pants!  I haven't really seen people wearing them around town where I live so I'm sure some people probably think I'm just wearing my pajamas around.  I tried to dress it up a bit with a necklace, just sort of my way to say, "Hey I'm wearing a necklace so these can't be pjs because no one wears jewelry with pjs."  Who am I kidding though, they really do look like pajamas.  They are so comfy and cute I don't even care!
Shirt: H&M    Pants: JC Pennys    Shoes: Payless

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Shelly @ The Queen in Between said...

What a super fun surprise to head over to your blog this morning and find my picture!! This made my day. You look adorable as always. Have a great week!

KCO said...

If you wear them with heels, then they definitely won't be mistaken for PJ pants!